Thursday, July 5, 2012

far Sigted
If you are far sighted the lenses of your glasses makes your eyes look bigger. First, apply Mahya’s anti-aging eye primer to all over the eyelid using Oval Concealer brush.  Second, apply Vamp (or another dark shade) mineral eye shadow to the eyelid just above the crease using OvalShadow brush. Third, apply Princess (oranother light shade) as highlighter under the eyebrow, and blend the two shades well. Next, Dip the Angle Liner brush in water and apply Gothicmineral eye shadow to the inner rim of the eye to define your eyes without making them look bigger, and use the same color along the upper lashes. Finish with Mahya’s ParabenFree Mascara, but only apply to the upper lashes.

Near Sigted
If you are near sighted, the lenses of your glasses will make your eyes look smaller than they actually are.In order to make your eyes look bigger:
First, apply Mahya’s anti-agingeye primer to all over the eyelid using Oval Concealer brush. Second, apply Candy Girl mineral eye shadow (or anotherlight shade) to the entire eyelid using Oval Shadow brush. Third, apply Innocent (or another brown shade) to the area above the crease. Next, blend thoroughly, and apply Golden Lightmineral eye shadow or (another highlighter shade) under the eyebrow arch and at the inner corner of the eye. Dip the Angle Liner Brush in to water and draw a line along the inside of the lashes using Satin mineral eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger. Finish with Mahya’sParaben Free Mascara.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day -Inspired Eye Tutorial

Sweet memories, loving days, and hugs of emotion begin with the heart inside each and every one of us! Single, dating, or married; we all love the same. Lets enjoy Valentine's Day, not as a day of couples, but as a day love in all forms is celebrated!

Whether working, at home, or in up the occasion with Mahya Mineral Makeup. Carrying only the most natural yet glamorous shades, there's the right pink for available to match anyone's needs.

Today we're going to give you step by step details to create a suddle yet flirtatious look.

First begin by prepping your eyebase with Mahya's Eye Primer.

Next Nude Mahya mineral eyeshadow to the entire eye.

Then put Fairy Tale Mahya mineral eyeshadow to the tear duct and highlight area just below your brows.

With a fluffy blending brush apply Dirty Blonde Mahya mineral eyeshadow lightly to the crease of your eyes.

Then tap on Crazy Mahya Mineral eyeshadow the the inner half of your lids.

Finalize this innocent eye makeup with sultry liner. Using a small angle brush and Gothic Mahya mineral eyeshadow (wet), apply thin line to top lashes ending with a thin wing.

Lots of Mahya mascara, a neutral pink Mahya Mineral blush such as Mauve, and a Mahya Mineral pink gloss like Crazy sets the look.

You're now ready for any date you may be surprised with on Valentine's Day! Follow us on FB and our blogs to see our upcoming makeup tutorials. Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trendy, Glowing, & Casual Makeup in One Look

The celebration of New Years is over, so what now for Mahya's Mineral Makeup World?

The casual yet trendy diva look! It's fast, easy, and all natural. This 'How To Do Look' will incorporate moisturizing techniques that will give your skin a re-energized glow during this drying season. Get your colors ready and begin to play ladies...

First prep your skin with Mahya's Mineral Mist. Spray generously, allowing a few seconds of dry time before continuing. Next apply Mahya's mineral foundation in your shade. Notice your foundation color is in between two shades? Try using one shade lighter and using bronzer
to build up to your level.

Then lightly tap Mahya's Eye Primer to your lids. With your finger, apply a shiny natural eye shadow to your middle lid. For light skin tones, I suggest China Rain. For darker skin tones, I suggest Model. Using your finger really gives the shade a full coverage yet metallic appearance.

Now you want to bring light to the eyes by adding a highlight shade to both the inner corner tear ducts and at brow bone. Try Fairy Tale for extra sparkle or Nude for a more calming and matte finish. You can use finger or small detailing brush.

Next, you want to bring depth and dimension back to the eyes by emphasizing your crease. With a blending brush, lightly apply a matte neutral brown to entire crease. The transition between shades should be seamless and as a gradient.Apply Mahya's Black Mascara to finish the eyes.

For cheeks, using a glowing and natural color is best. Try Mauve Glow, Cheeky, or Happy. To highlight your cheekbones, simply use the same highlight on your eyes and apply with blush brush.

Apply Mahya's nourishing and vitamin filled lipstick of your choice and top with the corresponding gloss. I suggest Tulip LipStick with Candy Girl or China Rain LipGloss.

To finish the look, set your makeup with Mineral Veil and spray a finishing coat of Mineral Mist. This allows the foundation to settle properly without leaving a matte finish.

Hope you gals enjoyed and we look forward to many more 'How To Tutorials'. Please Facebook us with more requests or questions. We love your feedback! Enjoy this month's mineral makeup look. Stay glamorous!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Eve - Inspired Eye Tutorial

Celebrate ladies for all the wonderful days and nights 2011 has given you! It's that time of the year, when we must say good bye and look forward to new beginnings. Planing something festive or even dinner with your hubby? Either way, make this day memorable with the perfect makeup to match. Bring out the Mahya's new Glitter Stack and the bold colors!
For this inspired eye look, we will incorporate more orange and burgundy tones. This will enhance any eye color, even brown, because of the sparkly specs we will add. Follow the steps below and be ready for lots of pictures that night!
Step One:
Start with a bare base. Prep your skin with Mahya's moisturizer, especially under the eye.
Step Two:
Apply Mahya's Eye Primer to the whole eye area, including under the eye by your lash line using a flat synthetic brush.
Step Three:
Fill in your eye brows where there is no hair and avoid applying over the existing hairs so that you have more of a natural finish. The color I am using is Latte Mineral Eyeshadow. It is a matte shade and closest to my natural hair color so fits best. Apply using the angle brow brush.
Step Four:
Apply Russet Eye Shadow to the crease of your eye using the BK blending brush. Apply a small amount of this color to the lower lash line as well. When applying mineral eye shadows, be sure to tap any excess shadow back into the container to prevent fall out.
Step Five:
Apply a highlight to just below your brow bone and to the inner tear duct. I choose to use Nude Mineral Eye Shadow with a Flat Sable Brush.
Step Six:
Apply Off The Hook Eye Shadow to the lids (area below crease above top lash line) using the same flat sable brush. Also apply to the lower lashline just towards the front using the same brush's tip.
Step Seven:
Using the same BK brush, re-apply Russet Eye Shadow to just the outer corners of the eye lids and blend softly into the crease. This will create an extra hint of depth.
Step Eight:
Apply Mahya's Orange Glitter to the middle of your eye lids with the flat sable brush. To do this, you will first dap into the color, then spray with Mahya's Mineral Mist (for a light adhesive), then firmly tap onto the center lids. Repeat this process for the bottom lash line at the center.
Step Nine:
Apply Innocent Mineral Eyeshadow with the BK21 brush to the water line (inner rim of your bottom lash line). This can be applied wet/dry however, I prefer to apply dry for a long lasting effect.
Step Ten:
Apply Mahya's Black Mascara to both the top and bottom lash line.
Awesome, now you're glamourous and ready to rock any event in style!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Drinks Inspired Series: Blue Moon Martini

Hello mineral makeup lovers! Today in our Summer Drink Inspired Series we are celebrating the beauty of the Blue Moon Martini. It's a vibrant blue and yellow combo that is great for highlighting your evening. Follow the few steps below to achieve the look using Mahya Mineral Makeup. Again ladies, these looks are fun, easy, and great for that summer time fling!

First using Mahya's Eye Primer. Apply this to entire eye base including your lower lash line with your finger tip.

Then apply Bonita mineral eye shadow to entire lid area with a flat eye shadow brush from the 612 Synthetic Brush Set and blend upwards with a clean small crease brush from the set.

Next using a ? brush, apply Tears of Love mineral eye shadow to the outer lower lash line. Be sure to blend well to create a smudged effect.

Now with Deep Sea mineral eye shadow, taking a damp eye liner brush from the same set, apply to bottom and top lash line as a thin eye liner.

Finally, apply Mahya's Black Mascara and the look is complete!

A perfect look for a pool party or even just for late night drinks with the girls. Have fun creating this look and send us any requests of looks you would like to read about. Stay tuned for our upcoming drink inspired specials!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Drinks Inspired Series: Red Sangria

Out at the pool? See the mini bar? Yes, it's time for those summer drink specials! Don't you automatically feel that much more closer to the beach when you see a colorful drink? Even if you don't drink, the colors just put you in a great mood to party and have fun. Let's take the fun from your favorite drinks and apply the theme to our eye makeup with 100% pure crushed minerals by Mahya Cosmetics! It's fun, it's flirty, and it's perfect for summer. Today's special selection is the Red Sangria. Mixed with bright orange and red colors, it's great for any complexion and eye color.

First to start, apply Mahya's Eye Primer with your index finger all across your eyes.

Next using Sunset mineral eye shadow, apply with the BK15 brush in tapping motion all across eye lids and slightly above your crease. Blend out with a clean BK18 brush, till the edge of the color has faded upwards.

Next taking Moulin Rouge mineral eye shadow, apply with the BK18 brush to the outer edge of crease and go about half way in with this color. You can also apply this color to the bottom lash line with a BK16 brush for the smokey effect. Blend this color into Sunset with the same clean BK18 brush.

Now using Italian Wine mineral eyeshadow, apply to the outer lid space (about 1/3) with a BK18 brush. You can also apply with the same Bk16 brush to the outer bottom lash line.

Now apply Mahya's Black Mascara and you're set for fun in the sun with the girls or a late night walk with your man!

Have a great time with this look and keep a watch out for our next upcoming Summer Drink Inspired Looks!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Color Combo Tips: Brown Hair & Brown Eyes

The brown and mysterious leave people curious...dare to take it up a notch? The beautiful brunettes with brown eyes tend to downplay their looks with neutrals thinking it's safe. Well, it is. If you are the bold and the rare, follow us on this journey from taking the neutral side of life to a colorful world of wonder. Follow these easy steps with Mahya Mineral Makeup and see yourself like you never have before!

First apply Mahya Eye Primer to entire base of eyes with ring finger. You can even apply this to the bottom lash line for future color we will be placing.

Next with the BK15 Oval Shadow Brush, apply Show Off (electric fuscia) in tapping motion to lid and slightly above crease. Also apply this color with the BK42 Bullet Brush to entire lower lash line. Blend top and bottom edges out with clean BK15 Brush.

Now use the BK18 Deluxe Round Crease Brush to apply Violet (medium purple) to entire crease of eye in circular motions. Blend this out with the same clean brush from before. Using the same color, apply this to outer lower lash line with the BK42 Bullet Brush, even closer to lashes.

To make this look more dramatic, add Silky Purple (translucent white purple) to inner tear ducts and inner lower lash line with the BK42 Bullet Brush. Also by adding Deep Purple (dark black/purple) to outer crease with the same Bullet Brush, will create much depth and almost a smokey appeal.

Finally add Gothic (matte black) wet to top and bottom lash lines as a liner with the BK11 Angle Eye Liner Brush and Mahya Black Mascara to complete this look!

Have fun ladies, you're looking good! Until next time...stay beautiful, stay natural, stay YOU (just enhanced)!