Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Drinks Inspired Series: Blue Moon Martini

Hello mineral makeup lovers! Today in our Summer Drink Inspired Series we are celebrating the beauty of the Blue Moon Martini. It's a vibrant blue and yellow combo that is great for highlighting your evening. Follow the few steps below to achieve the look using Mahya Mineral Makeup. Again ladies, these looks are fun, easy, and great for that summer time fling!

First using Mahya's Eye Primer. Apply this to entire eye base including your lower lash line with your finger tip.

Then apply Bonita mineral eye shadow to entire lid area with a flat eye shadow brush from the 612 Synthetic Brush Set and blend upwards with a clean small crease brush from the set.

Next using a ? brush, apply Tears of Love mineral eye shadow to the outer lower lash line. Be sure to blend well to create a smudged effect.

Now with Deep Sea mineral eye shadow, taking a damp eye liner brush from the same set, apply to bottom and top lash line as a thin eye liner.

Finally, apply Mahya's Black Mascara and the look is complete!

A perfect look for a pool party or even just for late night drinks with the girls. Have fun creating this look and send us any requests of looks you would like to read about. Stay tuned for our upcoming drink inspired specials!

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