Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Drinks Inspired Series: Red Sangria

Out at the pool? See the mini bar? Yes, it's time for those summer drink specials! Don't you automatically feel that much more closer to the beach when you see a colorful drink? Even if you don't drink, the colors just put you in a great mood to party and have fun. Let's take the fun from your favorite drinks and apply the theme to our eye makeup with 100% pure crushed minerals by Mahya Cosmetics! It's fun, it's flirty, and it's perfect for summer. Today's special selection is the Red Sangria. Mixed with bright orange and red colors, it's great for any complexion and eye color.

First to start, apply Mahya's Eye Primer with your index finger all across your eyes.

Next using Sunset mineral eye shadow, apply with the BK15 brush in tapping motion all across eye lids and slightly above your crease. Blend out with a clean BK18 brush, till the edge of the color has faded upwards.

Next taking Moulin Rouge mineral eye shadow, apply with the BK18 brush to the outer edge of crease and go about half way in with this color. You can also apply this color to the bottom lash line with a BK16 brush for the smokey effect. Blend this color into Sunset with the same clean BK18 brush.

Now using Italian Wine mineral eyeshadow, apply to the outer lid space (about 1/3) with a BK18 brush. You can also apply with the same Bk16 brush to the outer bottom lash line.

Now apply Mahya's Black Mascara and you're set for fun in the sun with the girls or a late night walk with your man!

Have a great time with this look and keep a watch out for our next upcoming Summer Drink Inspired Looks!

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