Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Color Combo Tips: Brown Hair & Brown Eyes

The brown and mysterious leave people curious...dare to take it up a notch? The beautiful brunettes with brown eyes tend to downplay their looks with neutrals thinking it's safe. Well, it is. If you are the bold and the rare, follow us on this journey from taking the neutral side of life to a colorful world of wonder. Follow these easy steps with Mahya Mineral Makeup and see yourself like you never have before!

First apply Mahya Eye Primer to entire base of eyes with ring finger. You can even apply this to the bottom lash line for future color we will be placing.

Next with the BK15 Oval Shadow Brush, apply Show Off (electric fuscia) in tapping motion to lid and slightly above crease. Also apply this color with the BK42 Bullet Brush to entire lower lash line. Blend top and bottom edges out with clean BK15 Brush.

Now use the BK18 Deluxe Round Crease Brush to apply Violet (medium purple) to entire crease of eye in circular motions. Blend this out with the same clean brush from before. Using the same color, apply this to outer lower lash line with the BK42 Bullet Brush, even closer to lashes.

To make this look more dramatic, add Silky Purple (translucent white purple) to inner tear ducts and inner lower lash line with the BK42 Bullet Brush. Also by adding Deep Purple (dark black/purple) to outer crease with the same Bullet Brush, will create much depth and almost a smokey appeal.

Finally add Gothic (matte black) wet to top and bottom lash lines as a liner with the BK11 Angle Eye Liner Brush and Mahya Black Mascara to complete this look!

Have fun ladies, you're looking good! Until next time...stay beautiful, stay natural, stay YOU (just enhanced)!

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