Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Eve - Inspired Eye Tutorial

Celebrate ladies for all the wonderful days and nights 2011 has given you! It's that time of the year, when we must say good bye and look forward to new beginnings. Planing something festive or even dinner with your hubby? Either way, make this day memorable with the perfect makeup to match. Bring out the Mahya's new Glitter Stack and the bold colors!
For this inspired eye look, we will incorporate more orange and burgundy tones. This will enhance any eye color, even brown, because of the sparkly specs we will add. Follow the steps below and be ready for lots of pictures that night!
Step One:
Start with a bare base. Prep your skin with Mahya's moisturizer, especially under the eye.
Step Two:
Apply Mahya's Eye Primer to the whole eye area, including under the eye by your lash line using a flat synthetic brush.
Step Three:
Fill in your eye brows where there is no hair and avoid applying over the existing hairs so that you have more of a natural finish. The color I am using is Latte Mineral Eyeshadow. It is a matte shade and closest to my natural hair color so fits best. Apply using the angle brow brush.
Step Four:
Apply Russet Eye Shadow to the crease of your eye using the BK blending brush. Apply a small amount of this color to the lower lash line as well. When applying mineral eye shadows, be sure to tap any excess shadow back into the container to prevent fall out.
Step Five:
Apply a highlight to just below your brow bone and to the inner tear duct. I choose to use Nude Mineral Eye Shadow with a Flat Sable Brush.
Step Six:
Apply Off The Hook Eye Shadow to the lids (area below crease above top lash line) using the same flat sable brush. Also apply to the lower lashline just towards the front using the same brush's tip.
Step Seven:
Using the same BK brush, re-apply Russet Eye Shadow to just the outer corners of the eye lids and blend softly into the crease. This will create an extra hint of depth.
Step Eight:
Apply Mahya's Orange Glitter to the middle of your eye lids with the flat sable brush. To do this, you will first dap into the color, then spray with Mahya's Mineral Mist (for a light adhesive), then firmly tap onto the center lids. Repeat this process for the bottom lash line at the center.
Step Nine:
Apply Innocent Mineral Eyeshadow with the BK21 brush to the water line (inner rim of your bottom lash line). This can be applied wet/dry however, I prefer to apply dry for a long lasting effect.
Step Ten:
Apply Mahya's Black Mascara to both the top and bottom lash line.
Awesome, now you're glamourous and ready to rock any event in style!

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